Voorheesville Blackbirds


Jeff Clark, a 1984 graduate of the Clayton A. Bouton Junior - Senior High School, was a standout for his contribution to the sport as a high school and college wrestler.

Clark wrestled at Voorheesville's high school under the tutelage of Dick Leach from 1981 to 1984. Jeff was a two time State Champion and a four time Section 2 Champion.

Among his other accomplishments, he was a National High School Freestyle Champion, a member and Champion of the National High School Greco-Roman Team, a member of the Senior National Greco-Roman Team, and a World High School Greco-Roman Champion.

Jeff was the number 1 college recruited high school wrestler in 1984 and tried out for the 1984 Olympic Team.

"Jeff was truly an outstanding high school talent" said Jim Peckham, head wrestling coach at Harvard University. "He had the best skill and one of the greatest wrestling minds I've ever seen displayed by someone so young". Clark graduated Cum Laude in 1988 from Harvard University.

Clark lives in the Capital District, having worked as a bond trader for many years.